Public Works

Public Works Supervisor: Daniel Pelletier



To Assist Us in Garbage and Grass Removal - Please Ensure that:

Garbage Bags are not too Heavy

All Garbage is Bagged and

Grass clippings MUST be in CLEAR BAGS (NO garbage with grass)



Snow Removal Priority Schedule

Please remove vehicles from the street when the "No Parking" signs are up.

Towing is in effect when "No Parking" signs are on the street.

snow removal 1 002

snow removal 1 001

We haul Hundreds of loads of snow each year from Swan Hills streets please help make the process easy for us.

snow removal 1 009




no parking sign

The Town of Swan Hills is continuing the use of the snow removal sign system to help with snow removal operations. These signs will indicate where street-side parking will be prohibited.

The above picture of the "No Parking" sign is an example indicating that street-side parking is prohibited along the street where the sign is placed.

With the exception of  the Plaza Parking Lot the "No Parking" signage comes into effect at 8:00 a.m. The signs remain in effect until they are removed.

The same rule applies for the Plaza Parking Lot, except that the no parking rule comes into effect at 4:00 a.m.






December 1


December 2



Fir Cres.


Assiniboine Dr.

Grizzly Ave.


Hillside Ave.

Home St.


Hillside Cres.

Moosehorn Ave.


Hollinger Dr.

Plaza Ave.


Leas Ave.

Ravine Dr.


Tressa St.

Willock Ave.



Walker Ave.

December 4


December 5





Derrick Cres.


Imperial St.

Sunset Cres.


Isbister Ave.



Oxford Ave.



Park Ln.



Southview Ave.






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